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Hottie Description - Natalia Andreeva
Date Date: 11/30/2017
Views Views: 3,916  
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Hair Hair: Blonde
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Tit Criticiser
Comment Time 11/30/2017 5:13:06 AM
Her tits are oddly shaped. Kinda like they're half-filled water balloons. They almost look fake but I can't tell if they are.
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Comment Time 11/30/2017 9:08:29 PM
Damn! And I do mean with a capital day-yum!
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Looked her up
Comment Time 11/30/2017 8:18:04 PM
She's as hot as advertised, one of the best ever. Absolutely beautiful, a 10.
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old dude
Comment Time 11/30/2017 12:06:03 PM
really liking those lrgs
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Comment Time 11/30/2017 5:05:14 AM
Beautiful, love those legs
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